Are you doing anything special for Spooktober?

    How about a stay at a haunted Bed and Breakfast?

    Jane Fyffe posted in Travel

    6w ago


    Do you get a thrill out of things that go bump in the night? Or does it cause you to throw the blanket over your head in hopes of hiding from whatever you just heard?

    Recently I watched OmarGoshtv visit an old jail turned into a B&B in Vermillion, Ohio, close to the Great Lakes.


    They have done the jail up very nicely, and it looks like it would very nice to stay at. It was built in 1910, and although it's been beautifully recreated, they've kept the original jail bars and layout. There are also several attractions within walking distance, including beaches, dining and shopping. However, all this spookiness does come with a bit of a hefty price tag, with close to $300 USD a night.

    Does this sound like something you would be up for doing?

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