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Gaming review of Hay Day

1y ago
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With work from home initiated for most of us sitting at home finding various ways to entertain ourselves could be challenging. Gaming is another way for us to stay entertained.

Gaming is a serious business even though it is designed to entertain; it can get quite intensive.

Now I like fast-paced games which have me engaged consistently.

Now when I downloaded Hay Day, I was quite excited. It reminded me of something I used to play years back on Facebook called Farmville. Farmville at that point was all the rage on FB.

Hay Day is all about farming. You set up your farm and start planting and growing stuff. You get livestock and feed them as well. It is an easy, simple game, and the pace is quite relaxed. The graphics are excellent, and the animals super cute. The initial tutorial takes you through the steps easily.

You can trade your produce in this game and set your own prices like a marketplace. Your neighbour Greg (support system friend) has the farm of your dreams.

Advantages of this game are that you can check in as and when you please. Nothing dies or goes bad, which is the good part. The bad part is that it is quite slow. Everything takes ages to get done (growing crops, constructing buildings, animals giving produce) unless you pay for it. You can also disable the in-app purchases and buy the game outright. I think that might move things along and actually a be abetter version of the game. The game has been downloaded more than 700,000 times from the Apple Store and 1,100,000 from Google Play. While you wait for supermarkets to stock up grow your food virtually and you might just get some newfound respect for real farmers.

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