A​re your crumpets ready for Spooky season?

A​sda has released ghost-shaped crumpets for only £1 per pack

1y ago

T​he British supermarket Asda has started selling ghostly crumpets in light of Halloween this month! The cute and spooky breakfast items are sold for only £1 per pack for six.

They're not the only Halloween food item you can find on the Asda shelves.

A​longside the crumpets, Asda has also sorted out the evening menu for the autumn holiday by offering pumpkin-shaped pizzas for £3. Ciara Loker, the Asda product developer said she hoped "customers enjoy these spooktastic crumpets... and devilish delights, which are no trick and all treat."

What are your thoughts on the devilish delights now being offered? Are you bewitched by them?

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