Artist designs face mask for drinking cocktails

Because killer viruses should not get in the way of Instagram.

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50w ago

There are so many ways that we can all support the effort to try and rid the world of the despised COVID-19 disease. Many of them are simple, such as regularly and thoroughly washing hands and maintaining a sensible distance from others when close contact is not a necessity.

Some methods for stopping the spread of the coronavirus have been ordered by governments, preventing many of us from attending events like massive gatherings or visits to the pub for a leisurely pint (or twelve, depending on how the week’s gone). Countries are now increasingly looking at introducing rules to make the wearing of face masks compulsory, leading to one artist in New Orleans, USA, to create a rather ridiculous invention.

Ellen Macomber has manufactured a totally original face mask design – in fact, it’s so incredible that I can’t believe no one has thought of it before. It is, naturally, a face mask for drinking cocktails. Because gulping down fancy beverages is at the top of everyone’s list of priorities during a global pandemic.

The mask – which has a hole big enough for a straw cut in the centre – was imagined by the artist because “here in New Orleans we like to drink”. However, the face covering contains a flap that allows users to angle a straw in.

The coverings are made by hand and take around an hour each to make. The product launched with forty face masks, all of which sold out in the first hour – at $30 each.

Macomber acknowledges that she is not a health expert, which I would suggest is something of an understatement (Back to the Future’s Doc Brown had more medical knowhow). Still, if you enjoy your Porn Star Martinis or Margaritas mixed with a large dose of deadly virus, now, finally, your prayers have been answered.

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