ASDA and Tesco close 24 hour shops overnight to allow for restocking

Under impossibly high demands from consumers, the supermarket giants have changed their opening times to allow for restocking.

44w ago

Tesco and ASDA have announced that their 24 hour stores will close at 10pm and reopen at 6am to allow the staff enough time to restock. This is to cope with the surge in sales as people stockpile in preparation for a potential lockdown, and to allow staff to assist with online deliveries, which are also seeing an increased demand.

Every UK supermarket is struggling to keep up with the insatiable buying habits of the public, and each has released a statement urging shoppers to exercise moderation.

On Sunday, Tesco tweeted: "Supermarkets including Tesco have sent this message to customers: we are doing everything we can to ensure you and your families have the food and essentials you need. We ask everyone to shop as they normally would - there is enough for everyone."

Hopefully this overnight closure will allow for more cleaning and more stock, making the supermarkets safer and more useful for everyone.

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Comments (5)

  • Was in ASDA last night to get milk (why I thought that would happen is beyond me, came out with three small cartoons of Almond Milk and a tub of Coffee Mate)

    The lass announced this news over the tannoy when I was there... the fear in the poor girls voice was clear to all (and given how fucking feral shoppers were being, no wonder)

      10 months ago
    • interesting stuff, yeah everyone is behaving like damn animals in there. I bet the staff are delighted that they can restock without people grabbing stuff off their restocking cart thingies (saw people doing this the other night)

        10 months ago
    • I'd never feel like I was living in a Zombie Movie in real life (no sane person outide Dundee would) but last night as I walked to car park, I remembered all those scenes when the protagonist is getting supplies for his family and suddenly shit...

      Read more
        10 months ago
  • Well I am glad they can get some rest and restock in peace.

      10 months ago