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Asda Helps Fish Suppliers Fight Plastic Waste

Plastic pollution's days are numbered.

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As the fight against plastic pollution becomes increasingly robust, it is of course pertinent for mega companies to flex their muscles and showcase how they’re helping to save the planet.

Asda is one of the latest businesses to join the battle, having announced a plan called “Fishing for Plastic” to assist the suppliers of its seafood by fitting fishing boats with giant plastic-catching bags.

Plastic leading the war against plastic, I like it.

It’s a simple idea, but (as we know) those are often the best. Basically, the bags are dipped into the deep and have been developed to collect plastic waste at the same time as the fish are brought onto the boat. Two birds, one stone. Or fish, even.

When the bags are hauled aboard the specially trained fishing crews will be able to dispose of the waste in a sensible, environmentally friendly way – with the aim being that it will actually be put to some reimagined positive use to prevent it from entering the sea again.

There certainly should be no shortage of plastic to poach: the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has estimated that almost 12 million tonnes of plastic is poured into the oceans every year and that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the world’s water than fish.

According to Edie.com, the scheme forms part of Asda’s commitment to savagely cut plastic usage and waste by 2025. This is undeniably a bold target, but with the supermarket’s ocean-saving bags being deployed to over 500 fishing vessels it’s the good news that Mother Earth has been waiting for.

Expect to see David Attenborough cheering with unbridled joy at your local Asda’s fish counter any day now.

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