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    ASDA releases a whole range of vegan food under new brand

    ASDA has released a wide ranging vegan own brand under the name 'Plant Based'

    46w ago


    ASDA has launched an enormous vegan range this January, under the name, ‘Plant Based’. This 48 piece release covers frozen, chilled and to go food, all of which are approved by the Vegan Society.

    Interestingly, the supermarket have used a new mushroom-base for most of its red meat alternatives. This market-leading piece of innovation is, according to the supermarket, more sustainable than soya-based substitutes. This is firstly because soya can only be grown in warm, far away climes, and so has an enormous amount of air miles, and secondly because soya farming causes an enormous amount of deforestation to clear land. Mushrooms, however, can be grown in the UK.

    The range offers some of the cheapest vegan goods on the market, with some things costing only £1.50. Key items include the ‘Smoky Tofu Burrito’, the ‘Meat Free Burger’, and ‘Duckless Spring Rolls’.

    ASDA’s vegan range is, on the whole, extremely healthy: 60% of the Plant Based product feature Asda’s new Live Better logo, an indicator of the supermarket’s healthiest choices within its own-brand range, and 40% have no red traffic lights for fat, salt, sugar and saturates. What’s more, the packaging for the range is completely recyclable. This, according to ASDA, is a first for any retailer.

    This new vegan range is fantastic for anyone pursuing a vegan diet, but the retailer hopes that this will allow meat eaters and ‘flexitarians’ to reduce their meat intake easily and without too much dietary adjustment:

    ‘Whether customers are vegan, flexi-tarian, or just want to cut down on their meat intake, the new range offers premium quality and great value, meaning customers won’t have to compromise a thing.’ Julie Wild, Own Brand Strategy Manager .

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