Attention Reese's fans, you can now get your favorite candy in makeup form

A sweet favorite is now available in makeup form

2d ago

Cosmetics brand HipDot is no stranger to a sweet collaboration, they released a PEEPS collection recently, and now they're back with another. This time with Reese's.

There are a total of five products in this collection, but before we get into that, it's important to note that this collection is only available in the US and Canada.

The first two items in this collection are eyeshadow palettes. The first is the Reese's Milk Chocolate Cup Pigment Palette. This palette takes on the classic Reese's peanut butter cup with the orange packaging. This is a six pan palette, that features a mirror and a range of colors including brown, orange, yellow and a cream. It has two shimmers, a glitter and mattes. All of these shadows seem to be really pigmented. This palette is $16.00 and HipDot wants everyone to know that the scent in these palettes is synthetic and free of actual peanut content.

The second of the two palettes is the Reese's White Chocolate Cup Pigment Palette. This palette takes on the look of the white chocolate peanut butter cups, which I happen to really like, so the outside of this palette is white and the colors inside are lighter. Like the first palette, this one is also a six pan with a mirror. The set up is the same, two shimmers, a glitter and three mattes. And the color range is more soft neutrals, so lighter browns, creams a light orange and a gold. These shadows also seem to be very pigmented. This palette is also $16.00.

The next thing in this collection is a Lip Duo. This has two tinted lip balms, the first in Chocolate Lovers which is a sheer nude, the other is Peanut Butter Lovers, which is a sheer brown. These are very sheer, but you can build them up a bit to get more of a color payoff. This lip duo is $14.00.

The second to last item in this collection is a brush duo, but not just any brush duo, a double ended brush duo. I like how they did these brushes making one end yellow and the other orange. These promise to help you define, pack, blend and smudge and say that they are made of a high quality synthetic. This duo is $16.00.

And the last thing in this collection is the Reese's Limited Edition Collectors Bag Set. With this set you get everything, both of the palettes, the lip duo, the brush duo and a limited edition makeup bag. The bag looks to be a good size and like you can fit quite a bit inside of it. This set is $74.00.

So what do you think FoodDevourrs? Is this collection something you'll be purchasing from, if so we'd love to know what you get.

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  • Where do i sign up dammit 😆

      1 day ago
    • Lol I might buy one of the palettes. They seem decent. Also! I bought that ColourPop Limoncello palette I wrote about. I haven’t used it yet, but it’s so pretty.

        1 day ago
    • I’ve been browsing colour pop, I should check it out lol

      Also, we still need a Makeup/Lifestyle tribe. Looking at you whoever makes it happen 😒😂

        1 day ago