Audiences want Jeremy Clarkson to replace Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain

Could "The Orangutan" fill the void that Morgan created?

Loyal fans of Jeremy Clarkson are storming social media with requests for the legendary motor presenter (and farmer) to replace Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. During his interview with Oprah, Morgan made some "personal attacks" towards Meghan Markle, which did not go down well with 41,015 viewers. During a live confrontation by co-host and weatherman, Alex Beresford, Morgan exited the studio one last time and stated "okay, I'm done with this".

ITV confirmed that Morgan had officially quit and that he would not be making a return. In a timely manner, Clarkson expressed his thoughts regarding the situation over Twitter. Needless to say, the two are not exactly the best of friends.

There is no shortage of demand for Clarkson to take over Good Morning Britain. From tweets as straightforward as "my choice for Piers Morgan’s replacement is Jeremy Clarkson" to targeted responses at ITV like the one below, thousands of reasonable individuals would like to see Clarkson make a sustained appearance on the show.

At the time of writing, one poll on Twitter has over 5200 votes on the question of whether or not Clarkson should become the show's next host. 63% users say yes whilst 37% have said no, which is surprising since there is no denying that Clarkson is an engaging entertainer and an experienced presenter.

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