Aunt Bessie’s is offering Yorkshire pudding wedding cakes

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James Lewis posted in Food Fun
1d ago

Planning weddings is arguably one of society's biggest challenges – other than having to answer the door to a delivery driver, obviously. I can't believe there aren't more horror movies based on that.

But white weddings are such a bore; surely in this age where originality is key no one could possibly stoop to the stereotype of a giant church service, hours of speeches and confetti thunderstorms.

That's where being woke comes in, which Aunt Bessie's apparently is. The company famed for delectable Yorkshire puddings and crispy roast potatoes has created the most superior beauty of all: a Yorkshire pud wedding cake.

The grand design is far from a piddling Victoria sponge. Consisting of what must be a million buttery delights, the absurdly monstrous cake is a delicate balancing act of rings of freshly baked and browned puds.

Aunt Bessie's luscious invention was showcased to Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan after she asked her fans for marriage inspiration; she appeared to be extremely happy with the Sunday lunch support.

I hope that every special occasion from this day forth has all of its champagne replaced with gravy.

What dream food would wow your wedding?

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Comments (5)

  • That does it I'll have one layer of my wedding 'cake' as a Yorkshire pudding and the other as a pork pie... yes from being 4 years old I've wanted tired pork pies instead of cake at my wedding. Or have both as full cakes. Hmmm I'll have to think on this... And yes I am serious

      1 day ago
    • You could always wrap your pork pie in a Yorkshire pudding...then use them to build your cake, pipe mashed potato "icing" decorated with drizzles of gravy... I'd get married for that! 🤤😍

        1 day ago
    • Nooo. They're better separate. You can have sides of cheese or pub snacks to go with the pork pie and gravy and mint sauce for the yourkshire pudding. Maybe a carvery 😂😂 I'll probably just go to the pub after I get married (if it ever happens).

        1 day ago