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Aunt Bessie's unveils bizarre new concoction: roast dinner beer

The Yorkshire pudding supremos have launched Sunday lunch in liquid form.

James Lewis posted in Beer
51w ago

What sort of things do you think are missing from your life? A yacht? A billion pounds? A lifetime supply of baked beans?

My choice of glittering prize would be a box of Mr Kipling’s Lemon Bakewells. More humble, granted, but they’ve been so hard to find this year. Simple pleasures please simple minds – or so they say.

Aunt Bessie’s, meanwhile, has devised something that it's decided everyone is lacking in their daily lives. The producer of quality roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings has decreed that the whole nation has a secret, burning passion to drink... roast dinner beers.

Yes, that’s right: traditional Sunday roasts that have been squashed, squeezed and brewed into a fine alcoholic beverage and poured into a tin. Perfect for any eighteenth birthday party.

Roast dinner bears would have been less bizarre, frankly.

The exclusiveness doesn’t end with roast dinners, because Jam Roly Poly beers (dubbed Jam and Custard Pale Ale) have also become available as a useful chaser to accompany the Roast Dinner Brown Ale (let’s hope that it’s not just gravy).

The creations are without doubt original, and come courtesy of a partnership between Aunt Bessie’s and brewing firm Northern Monk, a company based in Leeds. The beers are available from Northern Monk's website for £3.50 a can (or £6.00 for both oddly flavoured delights).

The inspirational brews will certainly pack more of a punch than the sleepy British cuisine they are based on; the Roast Dinner Brown Ale (made with genuine Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes) will wield an alcohol percentage of 5.7%, whereas the Jam and Custard Pale Ale (brewed with a mix of plum, apricot and strawberry) comes in at a more refined 5%.

Next up: full English gin (I’d actually quite like to try that – Wetherspoons, take note).

What beer flavours would you like to see?

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