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Autistic Eats

Being Autistic and binge eating all the junk is my kind of scenario.

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Hello all, I am autistic as per my bio on my profile. Food texture and taste is what I am accustomed to. For my family, they think I have weird tastes. But really I enjoy what I want to enjoy; and that is a boundary for me and my family. In the picture above is my custom made personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut; which was a garlic crust, parmesan-garlic sauce, cheese, black olives, chicken, mushrooms, and of course pineapple.

Nostalgic Foods

When I was younger, junk food really appealed to my generation (which is a younger millennial, born in the late-early 1990's) We had Colored ketchup (the green and purple ones were the best in my opinion; although the variety was a mixed bag because of how you can taste straight food coloring instead of ketchup) We had Pokemon waffles, Pokemon Kraft Mac and Cheese, Pokemon Poptarts. We also had Spongebob Mac and Cheese. Kids from the late '90s to the early '00s would remember this kind of stuff. I remember when Parkay had pink and blue colored squeeze butter. I wish the colorful condiments make a comeback because I begged my grandmother for both green and purple Heinz ketchup.

I like the fact that Trix cereal is making a fun shaped cereal comeback. French Toast Crunch has been out for at least three years now. Surge is back. I think Trix Yogurt should make a comeback to what it was in my childhood era.

Other Cultures

I am a woman/enby (non-binary) person of taste. I enjoy a lot of Japanese food. Sushi, the junk food they have. Which for the most part I enjoy. My favorite has to be Avocadoozas made by Glico. They have more of a wasabi, cheesy taste than avocado. But rest assured: there's avocado flavoring in them. Ramune soda is another Japanese delicacy where it's a soda: but you have to push down a glass marble using a little plunger to carbonate the drink. Ramune comes in quite a few flavor varieties. The only one that I have tried that was "meh" was the matcha green tea flavor. Let's talk about how I subscribed to Universal Yums. It's a box subscription of snacks, a recipe (I think) and some other infographics and rating charts. I can post pictures and videos when I do get my first box sometime this month (September 15th is when they are shipping September's box) This month is Greece. But I am hoping October they do a Scandinavian country or Eastern Europe considering they haven't gotten those countries covered as of yet.

I'm Not A Fan Of

Eggs. I can only eat scrambled in a very small quantity. Same with egg drop soup texture of eggs. Forget me eating hard boiled or fried egg anytime soon. I'm slowly coming around, but with texture and taste issues; I do not think I could handle fried or hard boiled consistency anytime soon. Though there is a Japanese dish that contains rice and a raw egg. I may eat that depending on what type of egg is being used. Tamago dake gohan is the dish. Raw egg, sushi rice (cooked to perfection) and soy sauce. Now that I would consider eating.

Liver and Onions is one thing I will NEVER touch in my life. When my paternal grandmother made this back in the late 1990's; and I smelt how horrible the smell was, I was not going to eat liver and onions. She never expected me to either.

The hard texture of meat. No matter how juicy the meat is (especially roast, chicken, turkey, pork, and ham) it bothers me because I crack my jaw every single time. Don't get me wrong I eat meat at dinner. I can have so much of it before I feel unwell. I do not know what it is; if I eat too much pork roast or pork chops, I feel sick. Probably the combination of texture and the meat being nothing but protein and possibly sodium.

All In All

I have reservations on some things; otherwise I am generally not too picky. Unless it's a texture or taste that I am not a fan of. I have thrown some of my Asian snack box away because I have tasted a piece of cracker or snack and I felt I wasn't going to be able to finish the packet of crackers. That is a rare chance for me though.

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  • This is a fantastic article!

    I have SCD (autistic spectrum but not autism/aspergers) and I absolutely hate the feel of mushrooms in my mouth. They make me want to vomit, hahaha.

      1 year ago
  • Really interesting read Jessica, and welcome to FoodDevour! I'm so glad to see someone else likes pineapple on a pizza!

      1 year ago
    • thank you so very much. Food is a special interest of mine. But isn't it everyone's special interest? lol

        1 year ago