Baby Yoda obsession has reached the UK's cocktail bars

Glasgow bar launches Baby Yoda cocktail and we cannot wait to try it!

50w ago

Baby Yoda has to be the most popular guy on the internet right now. He is the cutest thing about Star Wars, he is in every meme you see and there isn't a situation that doesn't lend itself to a Baby Yoda gif.

Just look at the little guy!

Everyone is obsessed with him and now you can even have him as a drink!

29, in Glasgow's Royal Exchange Square, has launched the Baby Yoda cocktail and we think its just as cute as the man himself! His announcement came on the bar's Facebook page with a very appropriate caption.

The bar is known for keeping its drinks menu in line with current trends, with this being the latest drink they know you definitely want! They plan to add a Batman cocktail to the menu soon, but felt the Baby Yoda bandwagon was not one they were willing to miss!

We've already seen Baby Yoda cocktails popping up in the US, but in our opinion, this Glasgow one is definitely the cutest!

Are you obsessed with Baby Yoda?

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