Hum Bacon bagel.

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Bagels can be found in most supermarkets and they are good quick food and unlike a bread rolls they are firmer and can be used for a quick meal at any time, they can be fresh or toasted and you can have them with anything, my favorites include cheese with mayo and onion, meanwhile salt beef bagels are still a firm favorite, but my favorite is bacon bagel with brown sauce.

A bagel, also historically spelled beigel, is a bread roll originating in the Jewish communities of Poland. It is traditionally shaped into the form of a ring of about 4-inch circle with a hole in the center and made from yeasted wheat dough, that is first boiled for a short time in water and then baked.

Bagel’s can be found from around the world with all different varieties on offer and can also be found in specialist bagel shops or your local supermarket. Bagel shops in East London used to be filled with eager customers waiting for the first bagel to come out of the hot ovens and could be purchased with a variety of fillings straight off the counter.

Simply Toasted with Butter

Scrambled Egg & Bacon

Cream Cheese Bagel

Cheese Onion and Mayo

Ham & Cheddar Club

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

Hot Salt Beef

Cream Cheese & Fresh Fruits

Bagel - Wikipedia

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