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    Baked Bean Casserole

    Quick, easy, and sweet. Literally

    What you will need:

    Baked Beans, as many cans as you want, I recommend Bush's Baked Beans. The huge ass cans

    Brown Sugar or Cane Syrup

    Onions, make sure you chop them up small, or however you want


    Ground Beef and/or Sausage

    Hot Dogs Lots of them.

    Salt and Pepper

    Bacon. A lot.

    BBQ Sauce (optional) I'm telling you, this Jack Daniel's Sauce over ribs? Mannnnnn you will be in love. Trust and believe.

    Throw your beans in a bowl, add your sugar or cane syrup, mustard, bbq sauce, (optional) salt and pepper. Add all ingredients to your taste. If you use Cane Syrup with brown sugar, use only a tablespoon. You don't want them too sweet. If you do have them too sweet, you can use mustard to sort of cancel it out. Slice up some hot dogs, add them to the beans. Grab another bowl, drop in your ground beef and/or sausage. Chop up your onions, add them to the meat. Mix up. Then, get out a skillet, drop in the meat, cook over medium heat. And while that cooks, slice up some more hot dogs, or sausage, or both. When the meat is done, add to the beans. Mix and set aside. Grab your casserole dish, pour bean mixture into the dish. Slice up some additional hot dogs, and/or sausage, add on top. Get out your bacon, lay the strips across the top. Make sure the whole dish is covered with bacon.

    Bake for 45 minutes to an hour, at 350 or 375 degrees, or until the meat up top is cooked. Not burnt. If that's your thing, well you do you boo. Enjoy it, and don't eff it up.

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