Baked oats recipe: The tastiest way to start your day?

There are SO many porridge oats videos on TikTok right now...

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Recently I've been seeing an increase in porridge oats videos on TikTok. It's becoming a bit of a trend to make 'aesthetically pleasing' looking oats for your breakfast, and some of the oats I've seen have left my mouth watering. I mean, just look at these, stunning right?! If I could smell that through my screen, I would imagine my nose would be very happy!!

Apart from just your standard porridge, I have also been seeing some baked oats, which to be totally honest with you I'd never actually heard of before. So when more and more of these frankly delicious looking baked oats recipes came up on my 'for you' page, I had to get in on the action too! I looked up a few recipes and based on those, I drafted this little baby up!

This is what the blended oat mixture looked like before it went in the oven:

When I took it out of the oven it had risen a bit, and it just smelled spectacular. I let it cool for a few minutes before having a taste!

Now I wouldn't usually be someone to get up and take 30 minutes to make myself a breakfast, at least not before an insane amount of coffee – instead I just grab some toast or cereal and devour it in mere minutes, but these baked oats are totally worth the time. They are just gorgeous, and they are the highlight of the morning for me!

I really do recommend these baked oats to you ladies and gents, they're an amazing way to spice up your breakfast and well worth trying. if you do happen to give these oats a go, why not send me a picture of them? How about drop a comment on what you thought!

Other baked oats combinations that are always a winner

To mix it up with some other flavors you can follow this basic recipe for baked oats and add in your own favorite toppings.

If you can think of any other brilliant topping combos to chose from, why don't you comment them below so we can have a go! If you liked this recipe/post, why not 'bump' it or leave me a comment!

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  • ah, thats fair enough. i think blending it changing the texture a lot but i enjoy oats anyway so that could be why!

      3 days ago