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"Banana pizza is the next big thing," says pizza maker

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Amanda Langard (53) and Ken Taylor (60) run and own an independent pizza shop in Cornwall, UK and they offer unconventional toppings, including their signature pizza topped with banana, bacon and BBQ sauce. This is the future, they're absolutely adamant about it.

I'm not sure what to think. Ideally, I'd be tempted to say "no" but then again I like pineapple on pizza (yeah, I know) so perhaps I'm not exactly the right person to talk to. Amanda added that even though they did encounter some resistance at first, their banana pizza option eventually ended up becoming their most sought-after variety.

"We get a lot of people who say they think it’s weird, but if we can convince them to try it, they love it," she said. "We normally switch up our menu every week, but the banana and bacon one is permanently on the menu because it’s our most popular dish. Banana on pizza is amazing – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it".

Amanda said the inspiration came from her childhood trips to South Africa, where the banana+bacon combo is popular. Aside from the one with bacon on it, they also have another banana-based pizza on the menu... with a caramel base.

"Banana and bacon in a pizza is a bit like the pineapple on pizza debate," she concluded. "Although I can’t remember a time a customer has tried it and not liked it".

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