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Banana Pudding With Banana Liqueur

Classic Banana Pudding recipe, I just add booze to my version, because I'm extra. But you knew that. Anyway, HERE WE GO!! Ingredients:

1y ago

Box of Vanilla Wafers

1 5 oz box (or two) Vanilla Pudding of your choice, I choose Jello. Remember those Pudding Pops? Ugh

As many bananas as you want...

1/4 cup Heavy Cream

12 oz can Condensed Milk

1 shot Creme De Banana Liqueur. or two, or three. Add more pudding mix if you do. 👍

1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Extract. Did you know someone actually tried to drink this stuff, and got drunk? Like really?

1/4 cup of sugar. Not too much, no need to catch diabeetus.

Get your big ass bowl out, and your mixer, add your stuff. Mix up your pudding, booze, condensed milk, and heavy cream. Add the half teaspoon of extract, some sugar to your liking, mix some more. Cut up your bananas, set aside. Get out your Pyrex dish, and your vanilla wafers. Line the bottom of the dish with the damn cookies. Then you will add the pudding, then your bananas. Repeat steps until dish is full. Whipped Cream is optional. Set in refrigerator, no need to bake it. And as always no paprika. Because it's stupid. In the meantime, get out your shot glass, and do shots with the Banana Liqueur. Don't enjoy responsibly. You're allowed for once. 👌

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