- B​ing, of course.

B​anana Shot

I​ came up with this years ago. I tried a couple, knocked me on my butt. So I want you all to try it. That’s if you like bananas.

1y ago

​All you need, is shot glasses, 99 Bananas liqueur, Banana schnapps, and pineapple juice.

G​et a shaker, a glass, and ice. In a pint glass, two parts of the schnapps, and one part of the 99 Bananas. You’ll need only one, because it’s strong as hell. Drop the ice, grab the shaker. Shake it like a salt shaker, or however, pour into shot glasses. Enjoy!

​You can send me your experiences, in the comments. Any table, or bar dancing, or even pole dancing can be expected. Absolutely no judgment here. ✊🏾

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