Barossa Valley Chocolate Company, Tanunda, South Australia

The South Australian valley isn't just home to wine. Although there is wine too.

Andy Hunt posted in Eating Out
1y ago

I do have a confession, albeit it's not particularly earth shattering. I'm just not that huge a fan of chocolate. I see people veritably melt at the idea of being surrounded by the stuff, but for myself, I'd far prefer something savoury. Or, when I'm in the Barossa, something more wine-ey.

Tucked away in the small town of Tanunda, in the heart of the Barossa Valley, is a chocolate outlet, featuring some delectable treats, if chocolate is your thing. The last I heard, it's quite a popular thing to eat. The Barossa Valley Chocolate Company welcomes you to their establishment with none other than a large chocolate fountain behind the counter.

Because yes.

Because yes.

Search around the premises, and you'll be provided what would describe as an avalanche of chocolates to select. Behind some glass panes, employees busily toil at their stations, preparing chocolates and happily waving to kids who smear their noses and hungry mouths on the windows.

With the end-of-year festivities in full swing, the company willingly shows their seasonal glee, although the sight of a snowsled when it's mid-30s Celcius outside does feel a little out of place. The Chocolate Company also offers their own Ruby chocolate variety, for those who enjoy the relatively fresh new arrival.

Once the shopping has ceased, the nearby cafe offers some treats, and coffee for those who need that extra kick to survive the day. There is also a gelato outlet for those who seek refuge from the December heat. Visitors can take a seat on the decking outside and behold the view of the water feature that was dug out of the ground.

Because a trip to Barossa is wall-to-wall wine, the property itself is flanked by a number of vineyards, featuring different varieties of grapes of varying age. Toward the back of the building is a cellar door where you can sample some local produce, while taking in the sight of the nearby 40-year old Cabernet vines (as I was informed by the knowledgeable staff behind the counter), or the much older Semillon field across from the lake.

The Barossa Chocolate Company offers a small refuge from the usual wine tour, breaking up any visitor's deluge of wine with something a little different. And wine as well. There is plenty of seating, and a large allotment of land for a picnic. If you're lucky, sometimes a local muscle car club will come past while on their cruise, and park by the Shiraz vines.

The Barossa Valley Barossa Company offers something for any visitor who comes past; even someone who isn't particularly fond of chocolate, like myself.

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  • Great outing Andy! After the great story and pictures I just can't get out of my mind what a pain it would have been to be the brick layer building that wall in your hero image. Cheers

      1 year ago
    • Thanks Ben. I dunno what the current brickie sadism is about these days, but im seeing a lot of new designs doing some sort of feature like this.

      I wouldn’t want to be laying them, that’s for sure

        1 year ago
  • Sounds excellent.

    Also, I went to one (unnamed) chocolate place in Aus, which was very nice - but aforementioned chocolatiers did not wave at gawking children. In fact they looked quite cross. I thought that detracted a bit.

      1 year ago
    • That’s a pity. If there’s anywhere that you’d expect kids to engage you, it’d be in a chocolate place.

      If you’re particularly jerky, you’d top the kids up with choc and hand them over to the parents. “Your problem now!”

        1 year ago
    • Watch out for Coleman Chocolatiers.

        1 year ago