Beer of the day : La mi' Pisa

1y ago

So today I want to talk about this, it's an Amber/Lager style beer made in Pisa (duh) by La Mi' Birra brewery. Now before I talk about the beer I want to talk about the name but it features clever wordplay. " La Mi' is Tuscan dialect for "my/my own". So basically this is My Own Pisa made by My Own Beer, part of the of the My Own family which also features the My Own Blonde, My Own Amber and My Own Weiss. It actually goes beyond that because " La Mi' " also means "she (does something) to me". For example, the brewery also makes a beer called " La Mi' Vizia" and in this instance, the name actually means "she spoils me". Cheeky wordplay aside, this is up there with the best. It's a relatively light, despite being hoppy and with 6.3 % ABV, amber ale. If you ever happen to be anywhere near Pisa, you should try it.

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