Beer of the day : LAV

49w ago

LAV ("lion" in Serbian) is the second best-selling beer in Serbia (after Jelen). The brand was originally founded in 1892, a lifetime ago, but it has been part of the Carlsberg group (Denmark) since the early 1980s. LAV is exactly what you think it is. A popular, highly drinkable lager with 5% ABV. Drinking LAV in Serbia is the same as drinking Moretti in Italy or Estrella in Spain: it is the obvious choice. I've got a very strong personal connection with this beer because A, I've got a very strong personal connection with Serbia in general and B, it was the first beer I had, fresh off the plane, on my very first night in Belgrade. 🇷🇸🍺

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Comments (13)

  • ti piace la birra? Sto portando avanti questa follia editoriale di mettere una foto di una birra diversa ogni giorno per tutto il mese di Febbraio. Buona fortuna a me

      11 months ago
    • Io ADORO la birra. Tanta invidia a te che ti bevi una birra diversa ogni giorno per 29 giorni! E' pure bisestile! Buona fortuna e buone bevute! Ti terrò d'occhio LOL

        11 months ago
    • ma va! magari, mi tocca usare anche foto vecchie. Questa l'ho fatta addirittura a Gennaio 2018

        11 months ago
  • I read that as Slav first

      11 months ago
  • I soldier on with my plan to share one beer every day #beer @tribe

      11 months ago