Beer of the day : Senza Nome Bologna Stout

1y ago

First of all I need to talk about my friend, we're going to call her Pink Earls because... that's technically her name. Pink Earls lived in Bologna for six months and about a year ago she told me she had to take me to a pub called "Senza Nome" (Italian for No Nome / Nameless). This is a special place because it is run by, and for, the hearing impaired. You can use your smartphone, pre-ready order cards and, of course, sign language to order a drink and it is a beautiful place and a beautiful idea. Honestly? I said in the headline that this is called "No Name Stout" but that's a lie. I don't actually remember what it was called but I really, really wanted you to know about this place so there you go, I had a stout.

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