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Before Brands food allergy prevention rights acquired by Nestle

SpoonfulOne will launch internationally in the second half of 2020

Ben K posted in Home cooking
1y ago

Nestle Health Science acquired exclusive licensing to Before Brands products outside the United States. Before Brands known for it's SpoonfulOne products aimed at reducing the risk of developing allergies for infants and small children, will now be offered internationally beginning in the second half of 2020. The technology was based upon research at Stanford University where it trains a child's immune system by constant feeding and focuses specifically on 16 foods.

An estimated 10.8% of adults suffer from food allergies and is expected to increase with food allergies on the rise according to a recent study by Jama Network Open. Nestle's option to acquire Before Brands uniquely positions the company on the prevention of food allergies rather than treatment only. SpoonfulOne products are currently available online in the United States.

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