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Behold the Biscoff behemoth: 8 whole kgs of Lotus spread

Pass me my shovelling spoon...

15w ago

Fans of the caramelised biscuit, rejoice! For a while, we've been treated to the Lotus Speculoos or Biscoff. Brilliantly crunchy and perfectly sized, these Belgian treats are a high ranking biscuit indeed.

Just when we thought things couldn't get better on the Belgian baked goods front, they hit us with 'Biscoff Spread', that same great flavour but now on toast, and then added a cronchy twist with bits of biscuit in the spread. Perfection.

A product line of basically three things. Three very good things. But as they say in the world of cars, there's no replacement for displacement. Which they seem to have taken to heart in Kaprijke, by unleashing a series of catering sized buckets of Biscoff spread.

Why do I feel compelled to eat it all?

Why do I feel compelled to eat it all?

Yup, buckets. We're talking up to 8kgs of Biscoff spread. And oh boy do I got a hankering for some. The 1.6-kilo jar will set you back £9.99, but if you order the mammoth 8 KILOGRAM bucket you'll be shelling out £49.99. You can't just wander into a Tesco for it though, it can only be bought on a culinary wholesale site. So get clicking!

For the record, gold (at the time of writing) is £47,218 per kilogram, or roughly 945 times more expensive per kilo. So this actually represents a very good bargain. And you get a bucket!

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