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Being a Foodie at Uni

A little journey of the horrors and wonders of being a foodie at uni

1y ago

I won't lie, being a real foodie I spend more time engrossing myself in the wonders of what is on my plate rather than photographing it from every angle for my blogs and Instagram. However, I am so in love with the food I produce I thought it was about time I start sharing my culinary "skills" with the world- and what better place to start?

The problem? I'm currently a student at university, and while I am coming to the end of my degree (yes, I should be writing my dissertation, not this), this is all made harder by my lack of clean kitchen space.

So I thought I'd start my journey on here by telling you a little about what it's like to cook at uni, although I'm sure many of you know already. It's not all horror though, I think it highly depends on the type of people you live with. In my first year I had the full university experience of halls. Quite frankly I would happily put my kitchen forward for a messiest and downright filthiest award. It was disgusting. I would post the video I have of my kitchen but unfortunately I captioned it rather rudely and I'm not anonymous. At least it saved your eyes from the horror beheld in it.

No word of a lie though, I'm not sure you could see the kitchen surfaces. The hot plates used for cooking were so dirty I thought using them might set them alight and I'm not sure I saw the actual washing up bowl for weeks at a time. It got to the point I was washing up my plates and stuff in my en suite. Safe to say, not much cooking went on there.

Second year hit and we moved into a beaut house for student living. Had a 5 ring hob and massive cooker, two fridges/freezers for 6 of us and luckily for me, my parents divorce had left me with some of the best kitchen utensils. I made sure to make full use of my mums mixer (I'd call it a Kitchen Aid but we aren't that bougie.

There were cakes, biscuits and homemade dinners galore that year. As previously mentioned, I never really photographed anything I made and what I did photograph wasn't the prettiest. I made a lentil korma and it literally looked like baby diarrhoea on a plate, you can see for yourself below! It tasted incredible, I don't know why I photographed that out of everything I cooked that year! I think I was just impressed I made a vegetarian meal for once (although it doesn't happen very often).

Lentil Korma, visually a mistake but it tasted alright.

Lentil Korma, visually a mistake but it tasted alright.

I can confirm my vegetarian cooking has come on leaps and bounds since then! Although, I can't say I cook anything other than quorn korma and quorn stir fry!

And so we hit final year, where we are now. I have done a decent amount of cooking this year as I live with clean, thankfully, people. I've cooked all manor of things from beautifully medium rare steak to a pub classic, bangers and mash! I have also started to specialise in quick meals that don't take long to cook, who would have thought final year of university would be so tiring eh? As per usual, I forgot to photograph what I cooked but thankfully I have some previous recipes to share after this!

Hope you enjoyed this horrendously long post on how I've come to where I am on my food journey and hopefully the rest of this blog will be more food based with pictures and everything!!

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  • Welcome to FoodDevour Beth! Never saw cupcakes like that while I was going to college....

      1 year ago
    • Cupcakes are kind of my thing! I’ll be posting recipes of some of my creations soon so stay tuned!

        1 year ago
  • Nice tale of your journey and your cupcakes look great!

    Welcome to FoodDevour!

      1 year ago
    • Thank you Jane! I should be posting some recipes for cupcakes soon so keep an eye out for those!

        1 year ago
    • Always looking out for good recipes of all kinds!

        1 year ago
  • I'm in my 3rd year too! Unfortunately I still struggle with a messy kitchen, however, I got to come home during the lockdown so I can cook! Looking forward to hearing more about some of your recipes!

      1 year ago
  • Looking forward to some cupcake recipes!!

      1 year ago
  • We cook a new meal everyday but I try and cook as healthy as possible!

      1 year ago