Beloved Food Blogger & YouTube Cook Passes Away, Her Recipes Live On

In memory of Ms. Stokes, please try out one of her many recipes

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American food blogger and YouTube cook Phyllis Stokes, 74, passed away on January 25, 2020. She had over 140,000 subscribers on her channel and was loved among her readers on her website, Southern Frugal. Ms. Stokes was a charming, hard-working lady from South Carolina, who kept making videos until five months before her passing.

Her blog and videos were one-stop shops for all your recipe and food budgeting needs. She shared countless recipes from biscuits, casseroles, roasts, quick meals for working people, meals for two, cakes for a party, her favorite healthy smoothies, and much, much more. She cooked with a mix of homemade foods and store-bought. No matter if you're ready to take on the challenge of baking a five-layer coconut cake or you want to "fix" an easy shaved steak sandwich after work, she had instructional videos for everything.

Ms. Stokes joined YouTube in 2012 and made over 1,400 videos. Apart from cooking, she had videos of farmer's market and grocery store trips - even showing the process of grocery pick-up at Walmart. She shared kitchen techniques, use of appliances like instant pots and air fryers, and little food hacks like how to properly freeze certain items including lemons, apples, and green peppers. She also taught her viewers methods of composting and caring for your own garden.

Her YouTube channel featured many retro meals from the 1950's that are still wholesome and cheap today. Her suppers always included a balanced side dish and helping of salad. A good bit of the time, it came with a homemade dessert. Her precise step-by-step instruction allowed anyone on any level of kitchen experience the confidence to try her recipes on their own. She made a complicated recipe seem like a piece of cake.

She is missed by the community of folks online who have read her blog and watched her videos over the last eight plus years. Her spin of simplicity and low cost drew in her viewers, as well as her sweet personality and calming way of going about cooking (we all know how stressful it can be sometimes).

In memory of Ms. Stokes, I encourage you to try one of her recipes! Try something you might have never had but looks interesting, or perhaps try one of your favorite dishes but make it her way. Her videos will live on forever, continuing to teach cooks around the world how to make simple dishes that are classic and affordable, and how cooking never needs to be a complicated process.

Her Website: | Getting the most from what you have to work with in your life now.

Try some of these!

Lime Jello Dessert from the 1950's

Quick and Easy Broccoli Casserole For Two

Very Southern Buttermilk Pie

Her YouTube channel for many, many more videos

Phyllis Stokes

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