Ben and Jerry's new ice cream has crisps in it

It’s literally ice cream, stuffed with crisps

47w ago

The love of anything riddled with salted caramel (whether it be chocolate, carrots or even shoes) must be engrained into the human brain. Despite the allure of the salty beauties, never have I ever witnessed a group of animals queuing up outside a supermarket with a desperate need to feed their salted caramel fix.

Clearly, animals have a more varied and sophisticated diet than us.

However, it now seems that at long last, we can strike back against the rise of the animals and revel in a display of our own creative genius. By combining our heartfelt love for saltiness and a much needed ambition, ice cream makers Ben and Jerry’s have unveiled a powerful masterpiece: ice cream with bits of crisps stuck in it.

Named Chip Happens (and clearly targeted originally at the American market), the ice cream creation is a mixture of chocolate ice cream, chunks of fudge and fragments of crunchy, salty crisps. The intention of the original product is that it will produce the flavours experienced by salted caramel or popcorn.

The ice cream is the result of combined efforts from Ben and Jerry’s, Netflix and cookery show Nailed It! and is already available in the US. It is anticipated to arrive in the UK later in June and will be being sold by Asda for £4.50 a tub. Predictably, the unique flavour is being dubbed as limited edition, so preparatory stockpiling may be in order if you happen to fall in love with it.

All that remains is to hope the crisps don’t go soggy when faced with the prospect of melting ice cream.

Oh, and that Ben and Jerry’s didn’t use cheese and onion flavour.

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Comments (2)

  • This is combining two things I really love... will it be great, will it be terrible? I NEED TO KNOW.

      10 months ago
  • Don't know why maybe coz' I'm weird person but I would try that 😂

      10 months ago