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Ben and Jerry's uses ice cream to explain how to defund the police

Defunding police services has been a practical option discussed as part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Ben and Jerry’s is unusual in the way it operates as a company. While most businesses are desperate to avoid any topic that could even be remotely described as controversial, Ben and Jerry’s utilises the approach of embracing hot topics of public interest – something that could be interpreted as ironic for an ice cream manufacturer.

Among the issues that Ben and Jerry’s chooses to speak out about include climate change, LGBTQ+ equality, refugees and Fairtrade. Now, following the widespread public involvement with the Black Lives Matter campaigns, the ice cream creatives have furthered their commitment to helping construct peace throughout society.

During the publicity of the Black Lives Matter protests one aim was identified as being a major component in ensuring that institutional racism is wiped out and that black people have truly equal rights as everyone else. The objective was to defund police services, a process which Ben and Jerry’s explained in a simple format using ice cream scoops – and spread as far as possible using its status as a substantial and trusted brand.

Although the actions of defunding the police may appear to be rather complicated, the idea revolves around slicing up the total police budget and dishing out extra funding to schemes that help to prevent crime from forming (consequently requiring a smaller police force, which in turn reduces the likelihood of people having negative interactions with officers).

The straightforward Ben and Jerry’s graphic details that if money from the total US police budget of $115 billion was scooped out to organisations involved with affordable housing, job training, education, mental health counselling and substance abuse treatment then these interventions could be used to benefit whole communities.

As the endeavours of Black Lives Matter continue and more companies begin to recognise the significance of the movement, perhaps in the future more businesses will use their wealth and reputation to back activities that help more than just their own shareholders.

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  • It's a sad day, I will never again buy Ben and Jerry's. It's a shame that they so openly support a Marxist group. As a Christian I am here to say ALL LIVES MATTER! I am frequently disappointed by society and this is just one more to add to an ever growing list.

      9 months ago
  • This is a lot of stupid in one place. Evil is inherent in man's makeup, not a mere outgrowth of circumstance, regardless of whatever wishful thinking may exist. Some men just want to watch the world burn, and we will always need others to defend against them. Beware of advice to disarm from those who employ private security.

      9 months ago
  • I’ve read into a lot of the work they do and ice cream is the tip of the iceberg (if you’ll pardon the terrible pun). Now I feel twice as happy tucking into a pot of chocolate fudge brownie.

      9 months ago
  • Where do you stop and how far back in history do you want to go for someone to say sorry. Sugar, cotton products, tarmac, vanilla pods, pepper, jazz, jerky......we can’t all keep on apologising about history, we can learn from it and build bridges (opps just mentioned the war!). It’s just not all about BLAME, BLM, LBGT, BLT, AVOT, BAM........we are all guilty of some form of discrimination, but at the moment Governments, Local Authorities and Companies are just bending over to any criticism which happened before most of us were born. Expand criticism to Countries of all skin colours who have abused their indigenous population. Work together to resolve issues, which is what most of us want 🙏

      9 months ago
  • If I were a policeman, I would just walk around carrying a whistle. If I drove a patrol car , I would choose maybe a 20 year old Ford Taurus, Chevy Malibu , or a Chrysler Neon , which are all reasonably priced, reasonably simple to service , and reasonably fuel efficient Americans are traditionally famous for their thrift and sense of humour. American charities hand out soup and sandwiches to homeless people . Charity groups build small huts for homeless people. Living modestly and within your means , or within the taxpayers means ought to be the order of the day .

      9 months ago