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Ben & Jerry's has just launched their first ice-cream on a stick

The classic chocolate chip cookie-dough flavour is now available on a stick with their new Peace Pop

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Ben & Jerry's are no stranger to the world of marvellous frozen dessert creations, with a selection of ice-cream pints, core pints, mini cups, non-dairy and topped desserts, pint slices and scoop shop cups at Ben & Jerry's outlets, available in their range.

Their extensive range of flavours also rivals that available in an ice-cream parlour, from signature favourites like Chunky Monkey and Phish Food, to new additions like Netflix & Chill'd and The Tonight Dough Starring Jimmy Fallon.

However, despite all the variety in the Ben & Jerry's range, one thing has been missing from their collection – an ice-cream, on a stick.

That was, until now.

Ben & Jerry's has just unveiled their newest addition to their line of frozen desserts - the Cookie Dough Peace Pop.

Made up of fair-trade vanilla ice-cream with chocolate chips, and stuffed with Ben & Jerry's iconic cookie dough, these pops come dipped in a chocolate coating and nestled on a stick for the convenience to take them with you wherever you go. As an added bonus, they come packaged in a completely recyclable packet.

The Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Peace Pops are available now for purchase at Co-op stores for the price of £2.20 for a single piece, or £4 for a multipack set of three.

Peace out.

Cookie Dough Peace Pop

Introducing the Peace Pop! We put our Fairtrade ice cream on a stick, added a cookie dough centre and covered it in a chocolatey coating! It’s a whole new way to enjoy our legen-dairy Cookie Dough classic!

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