Ben & Jerry's shows off Doggie Desserts

Dogs love ice cream too!

James Lewis posted in Pets
4d ago

Dogs deserve better; in truth, they should control the world (they couldn’t make a worse job of it than humans).

Just think about the utopia of a planet ruled by dogs. All those wagging tales and beaming grins – never even the slightest of upsets would be found. Never again would England lose a football match, and so many archaeological amazements would be dug up that there would be Saxon hoards for all. I rest my case that dogs should govern the globe.

Continuing its usual awareness of significant issues, Ben & Jerry’s is obviously so supportive of the policies of pups that it has launched a brand new range of ice creams – presumably in case the revolution starts sooner than we expect.

Named Doggie Desserts, the exclusive frozen treats are designed to fill every dog from dachshund to Great Dane with uncontrollable joy – even more so than a slobber-coated teddy bear. The puppy-friendly ice cream is manufactured with a sunflower butter base, allowing it to be safely consumed by our superior animal friends.

Two flavours have been produced, featuring Rosie’s Batch (pumpkin and mini cookies) and Pontch’s Mix (pretzel swirls and peanut butter). The original designs have been named in honour of two of Ben & Jerry’s resident pooches that are allowed to join their owners at work every day (I’m not jealous at all).

If I’m being absolutely honest, the exotic tastes sound delicious enough to be eaten by humans, but they’d need to be tested by an incredibly experienced person. I wonder if James May could embark on a thorough review of them?

How excited are your dogs for the launch of Doggie Desserts?

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Comments (4)

  • Two paws up from Myla and George, 🐶🐶

      4 days ago
  • No, no, no, totally disagree! Cats are smarter than dogs. Our cat loves cheddar and brie. I'm sure she will be trilled about ice cream. Are they going to launch one for cats?

      4 days ago