Ben's Five Friday Food Facts Pt.1

What did you learn today?

1y ago

I have decided to make a small commitment. From now on, I will try and feed you with five interesting food facts every Friday. I have tried series like this before and continued to forget about them. This time, I hope to carry on.

So, what will you learn today?

1. It was believed that Ketchup could cure diarrhea

Yep, this is true. Back in the early 1800s, scientists believed that tomatoes could cure diarrhea. This resulted in many doctors prescribing their patients with all sorts of ketchup like substances. Unfortunately, I do not believe they worked.

2. Every 'ear' of corn has the same number of rows

This one is ruddy true. Each ear (piece) of corn has 16 rows. Trust me, next time you buy some corn try it out by counting the rows. If there are not 16 then sell it on eBay for millions...

3. A single burger can contain meat from over a hundred cows

This one is quite interesting. It is said that every single burger patty in the world can contain up to a hundred different cow meats. I find this astonishing. So, when you get a burger which says it is from Scotland, then you can assume there are hundreds of cows all squeezed in there. What a lovely image.

4. White chocolate isn't actually chocolate

Yep, white chocolate doesn't actually contain any chocolate. It is all just made up of a blend of sugar, milk products, vanilla, lecithin (which sounds like a disease, but which I'm sure isn't), and cocoa butter (which doesn't contain any chocolate solids).

5. Apple Pie is NOT American

Sorry you die-hard American apple pie fans, but it did not actually originate from the US. In fact, the infamous apple pie was born in medieval England but was later improved by the Dutch.

Did you know any of these already?

If so, which ones? Let me know in the comments!

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Comments (8)

  • Why ruin white chocolate? I mean what did white chocolate do to you? 😂😂

    You need to try Reese’s white chocolate cups and White Chocolate Kit Kat. Omg absolute heaven. And then theres Godiva white chocolate liqueur. If you mix that with baileys caramel OMG.

    Ok im done. ✊🏾

      1 year ago
  • Ketchup as a diarrhoea treatment......I guess that’s why they are in squeezy bottles these days! A bit messy though!

      1 year ago

    1) Have half a kilo of liquorice (Darrell Lea soft-eating is the best)

    2) Test the ketchup theory

      1 year ago
  • I can now say I have learnt something today,I can’t say that DriveTribe doesn’t teach you anything😃👍🏻XX

      1 year ago
  • Happy your bringing some facts to my jumbled brain of misinformation. Weren't tomatoes thought to be poisonous for a long time? Then some guy sat on his porch and ate a basket of them and survived. Or is that a myth?

      1 year ago