Ben's Five Friday Food Facts Pt.10

The final one...

1y ago

If you are reading this then all I can say, is congratulations for putting up with these and also thank you for returning every week. I am afraid to say, this will be the last installment of Ben's Five Friday Food Facts. It has been a great 10 weeks but it is now time to give your brains a well deserved rest before the christmas holidays.

1. What is Geomelophagia?

Some people have the sudden urge to drink fizzy drinks, others impulsively eat cupcakes. But not people who 'suffer' from Geomelophagia. This is in fact what you call it when someone has the sudden urge to eat raw potatoes. I have never heard of this before but I can confirm eating raw potatoes isn't for me. Yes I have tried it. Yes I had consumed one beer.

2. Easter is more global than we thought

Did you know that every easter, 16 billion jelly beans are made? 16 billion! That is a very scary amount. To put this amount into perspective, if you lined them all up, they would go around the world...almost three times. One single jelly bean is just 0.5 inches by 0.75 inches.

3. The French had some strange chocolate laws...

Nowadays, chocolate is a very common thing to have in your house. I bet you have even had some this week and didn't think twice about it. Well, you couldn't have done that in 15th century France. They had a strict rule which only allowed members of the royal court to eat chocolate. This might sound ludicrous to you but I have heard there is a very similar system in the FoodDevour office...(inserts image of Tim Rodie fighting off anyone who comes near his stash of mini eggs).

4. Americans eat how many pigs in their lifetime?!

It is no secret that Americans eat a lot. This usually comes in the form of burgers, more specifically, bacon. The average American consumes so much pig product in their lifetime that it equals the same as 28 entire pigs. That is really rather scary. I also only used this fact because I wanted to include Homer and Spider-pig in this post.

5. Brits are just as bad...with fish and chips

Like Americans and bacon, us Brits are globally known to love and cherish a healthy portion of fish and chips from our local chippy. It is simply a way of life on a friday afternoon after work. But did you know in Britain we consume a whopping 300 million portions of the stuff every year. The population of the UK as we speak is around 67 million. This means every person eats around 4-5 portions a year. But I am sure I have had more than that...

I would like to thank you again for reading these posts over the last 10 weeks. I have had great fun making them and will still continue to be posting on here just not as many facts. But don't despair, I have something rather fun coming in the next few weeks.

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What did you learn this week?

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Comments (6)

  • As a kid I used to love nicking a raw chip from the bowl while soaking.

    Back when mums would wash, peel, cut up into sticks of goodness before soaking in water to remove starch, then risking life and limb by plunging them into near boiling oil to give us crispy nirvana.

    Can't stand raw potato now.

      1 year ago
  • It has to be the 300 million portions of fish and chips eaten annually!!

      1 year ago
  • Thank you Ben for the last 10 weeks of nonsensical facts. I’ve really looked forward to each instalment.

      1 year ago
    • Thank you very much! I have enjoyed making them too. What is your favourite fact from this weeks instalment?

        1 year ago