Ben's Five Friday Food Facts Pt.2

How much smarter are you now?

1y ago

Yay, me made it to part two. Now that isn't something I expected whatsoever. Admittedly, I am rushing this on a Friday afternoon but not to worry, I had planned this out, just forgot to actually write it before today. Anyway, enough about that, let's get on to some juicey food facts.

Grated Cheese contains wood?

Yep, this is quite worryingly true. Most, if not all ready made grated cheese you buy will contain some kind of wood pulp in it to prevent any clumping while being transported.

Is Ranch Dressing actually suncream?

Well, not quite but it contains a substance called 'titanium dioxide' which can also be found in paint, coffee creamer or suncream.

Gummy Bears are coated in car wax

This is true! How did you think they get their shine? These kinds of sweets are coated in something called carnauba wax which is also found in the wax you use to make your car shiny.

Potatoes absorb and reflect WIFI signals

I found this one particularly interesting as there is a story behind it. Back in 2012 when Boeing were testing out their wireless system on planes, they put sacks of potatoes on the seats as they absorb and reflect radio and wireless signals like humans do, so they didn't actually need any people there. Clever or what.

Skittles get their colour from boiled beetles

No, not Ringo Starr or that small car from Volkswagen, but real beetles. The stuff is something called Carminic acid and it is a red dye that can be found in things like skittles, sweets or lipstick. This comes from crush beetle carcasses. Lovely thought isn't it...

Did you know any of these already?

If so, which ones? Let me know in the comments!

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Comments (6)

  • Boeing could have let me sit in a seat, as I'm indistinguishable from a sack of potatoes.

      1 year ago
  • The wood thing freaked me out!

      1 year ago
  • Well that’s 5 things I didn’t know!

      1 year ago
  • I didn’t know any of these facts,I actually feel smarter knowing these!Thank you so very much,Ben🤔👍🏻XX

      1 year ago