Best food and drink advent calendars 2019

Gone are the days when a £1 chocolate advent calendar from the supermarket would do.

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Gone are the days when a £1 chocolate advent calendar from the supermarket would do.

These days, there are all kinds of exciting advent calendars out there for adults, from cheese, to protein bars, to very expensive whisky.

Some of these will be perfect to open in the morning, but some might not go quite as well with breakfast... Trust us on that one.

Bonne Maman jam advent calendar

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so bring some added joy in December with the Bonne Maman jam advent calendar! You get a cute 30g jar behind every door (and an extra treat on the 24th), with some really interesting limited-edition flavours not usually available in the UK: Grapefruit & Dragon Fruit anyone?

Buy one: £23.99, Bonne Maman

Joe & Seph's popcorn advent calendar

A December full of fancy snacks is heading your way. The Joe & Seph’s gourmet popcorn advent calendar features 24 bags of 12 flavours of popcorn, including raspberry cheesecake, orange chocolate and apple with cinnamon. For 2019, you get 40% more popcorn per bag, and a bonus joke behind every window.

Buy one: £23.68, Amazon

The Spicery's 12 curries of Christmas

Spice up your festive celebrations with the 12 curries of Christmas advent calendar from the Spicery. You get 12 fragrant blends and recipes to make fantastic curries from around the world, from a mild and creamy Korma, to a fiery Madras, and an exotic Jamaican goat curry.

Buy one: £29.95, The Spicery

Fortnum's feasting advent calendar

If you’re feeling really fancy this festive season, you could go all out with Fortnum’s feasting advent calendar. Filled with 25 delicious treats, from coffee, confectionary and tea, to biscuits, condiments and alcohol, this will really set you up for an amazing Christmas. But that luxury does come at a price – this one will cost you £200.

Buy one: £200, Fortnum and Mason

The Naked Marshmallow Co advent calendar

Instead of chestnuts roasting on an open fire, you can make your December all about marshmallows toasting erm, on a small flame? The Naked Marshmallow Company’s gourmet advent calendar features 25 gooey marshmallows in different flavours, along with jokes, facts and discount codes. And there’s an extra special treat for Christmas Day.

Buy one: £17.50, Naked Marshmallow Co

The Snaffling Pig pork scratching calendar

You’ll probably have some pigs in blankets on the table this Christmas, but you can extend the porky love to the whole of December, with the Snaffling Pig’s pork crackling advent calendar. You get 24 packets of scratchings in six flavours, and there’s gluten-free and ‘pig of doom’ spicy versions too.

Buy one: £17.50, Snaffling Pig

MunchKings snack advent calendar

Sweet treats not your thing? MunchKings are bringing the savoury snacks to your December, with eight different types of snack behind the 24 windows, including smoked paprika coated peanuts, chilli coated peanuts, and wasabi peanuts.

Buy one: £29.99, Amazon

Cheese advent calendars

Sainsbury’s, Asda and Lidl have all got bargain cheese advent calendars in stores this year. However, they’re proving insanely popular and they’re not the easiest things to find. If you fancy a cheese-filled Christmas, call ahead to your local store and see if they’ve got one in stock...! From £7.

Merry Pringles advent calendar

If you’re one of those people that can’t stop once they’ve popped, the Merry Pringles 12 days advent calendar has to be the one for you. However, you will have to show some restraint and only open one day at a time, which we know will be incredibly hard. You get four classic flavours, three of each.

Buy one: £14.49, Amazon

The Protein Ball Co advent calendar

Have yourself a healthy little Christmas. If you’re trying to stay in shape before the big day, how about a protein ball advent calendar? The Protein Ball Co calendar contains a combination of six vegan flavours. Each ball is high in protein, vegan, gluten/wheat/soy/GMO-free, all natural, no added sugar and high in fibre.

Buy one: £19.99, The Protein Ball Co


For the 24 days leading up to Christmas, instead of a tiny chocolate treat, you get a delicious 30ml dram of booze to enjoy.

For 2019, there are around 40 different calendars available – one for every kind of booze lover. Although some have already sold out, so you'd better get in quick.

For the fourth year, those crazy folk at Drinks by the Dram have a Very Old & Rare whisky advent calendar for, wait for it, £9,999.95. While that may be beyond the reach of most of us, boy does it sound incredible. Highlights include a Glenfarclas 60 year old (cask 1672), Yamazaki Sherry 2012, and a Glenrothes 1968 (bottled 2018).

If your budget doesn’t stretch quite that far, there’s the Old & Rare Whisky Advent calendar for £999.95.

More realistic still, there's the universally loved Gin advent calendar for £124.95, Whisky advent calendar for £149.95, and That Boutique-y Whisky Company advent calendar for £149.95. Or a whole host of whisk(e)y, bourbon, tequila, rum, vodka, cognac, absinthe, mezcal and armagnac options, depending on your tipple of choice.

Indecisive or just love everything? Build your own.

There’s even an escalating heat naga chilli vodka calendar, £99.95, for those brave/stupid souls out there. Did someone say 240,000 Scovilles? Yummy...

Buy one: Master of Malt

Baileys advent calendar

Everyone loves Baileys at Christmas… in hot chocolate, after dinner, on your breakfast cereal… Asda’s selling the 12 Baileys of Christmas calendar this year, with a different treat behind each day. Flavours include original, coffee and orange truffle.

Buy one: £20, Asda

Pukka tea advent calendar

It’s not all about the booze. If you’re more of a herbal tea kinda person, Pukka has an advent calendar with 24 organic, herbal, fruit and green teas, for a slightly calmer December.

Buy one: £9.99, Amazon

Iceland gin advent calendar

With how insanely popular gin is, there are a few gin advent calendars around now. This one features a gin everyday, from the 1 to the 24 of December. Stock up on that tonic water and those garnishes.

Buy one: £50 (was £58), Iceland

Cambridge Distillery gin advent calendar

Isn’t this calendar gorgeous? You might only get 12 days, but it can be forgiven for looking so beautiful. Each drawer features a different 50ml bottle of Cambridge Distillery gin, from the company’s classic gin to seasonal varieties like truffle or smoked gin. And if you’re short on glassware, this calendar has you covered too, as you also get a gin glass.

Buy one: £99, Cambridge Distillery

Pact Coffee advent calendar

Have a caffeinated Christmas with Pact Coffee. They’ve even got you covered for Christmas Day, with 25 18g sachets of pre-ground coffee to suit a cafetière, Aeropress or drip brewing method. You’ll get six micro-lots, sold-out limited editions and the head of coffee and chief roaster’s favourites.

Buy one: £39.95, Pact Coffee

Virgin red wine advent calendar

The Virgin Wines red wine advent calendar features a range of grape varieties, wine styles, and independent wine makers from around the world. There’s a 187ml bottle to enjoy every day. This one’s sold out the past three years, so get your hands on it now. Don't fancy just red? You can get white or mixed wines as well.

Buy one: £79.99 Virgin Wines

BrewDog Pack Leaders advent calendar

Christmas is a time full of festive cheer, and festive beer. The BrewDog Pack Leaders calendar features a range of styles, with some surprises along the way too. It’s a great option for BrewDog newbies or those who are a fan of the core range. You get 20 BrewDog cans, two from OverWorks, one from BrewDog x Hawkes, and one from the BrewDog Distilling Co.

Buy one: £40, BrewDog

Nespresso coffee advent calendar

According to Nespresso, its advent calendar is 'an invitation to a journey of discoveries'. Sounds intriguing right? You get a surprise capsule from 1-23 of December – as if you need any help staying awake for Santa in December – and a mystery gift on day 24.

Buy one: £25, Nespresso

Which advent calendar do you like the look of best?

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  • Wld love a vodka one, currently hv a tea one and a chocolate truffle one, and legos for the youngest :-)

      11 months ago
    • Spicy vodka or normal vodka? I think you'd have to be a bit crazy to go for the Naga chilli one 😅😅😅!

        11 months ago
  • I've never desired an advent calendar until now that I saw the Gin advent calendar... 😍

      11 months ago
    • Would that be the Drinks by the Dram one or the Cambridge Distillery one? Don't they both look great 😊?

        11 months ago
    • The Cambridge Distillery looks marvelous, the packaging is so classy! But it's only twelve days... I looking greedily to the Dram one but... I'm afraid that the most affordable will be the Icelandic one 😂

        11 months ago
  • So I quite fancy all of them. I'd need to win EuroMillions before spending £10k on an advent calendar though...!

      11 months ago
    • I had already got my heart set on it (winning EuroMillions AND buying that calendar...). Sadly, neither happened. I had the tequila DbtD calendar last year though, which was excellent. (obviously saved my drams until the evening)

        11 months ago
  • No spicy for me! 😆 flavored is good, i am an Absolut snob, grapefruit is my current flavor of choice

      11 months ago