Best new restaurants in the US

Bon Appétit magazine releases the 2019 list of America’s best new restaurants.

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Bon Appétit magazine has released its 2019 list of America’s Best New Restaurants. The lifestyle brand has covered the top 10 in its October issue.

“This is a more casual and truly fun bunch of restaurants than ever before. These places are driven by passion and purpose, and are serving exceedingly delicious, deeply personal food that defines what it means to eat in America right now,” says Julia Kramer, Bon Appétit’s deputy editor who travelled to more than 30 cities and ate in over 200 restaurants to compile this year’s list.

That sounds like a job we could get on board with...

After the World's Best 50 Bar list last week, it looks like we might have another expensive road trip in the works...

Which places made the top 10 best new restaurants in America list?

1. Konbi, Los Angeles

Photo by T.Tseng:

Photo by T.Tseng:

A 10-seat countertop space from two chefs inspired by their travels to Tokyo. The sandwich shop has received an incredible amount of attention: it only makes 36 croissants a day, with the hysteria bordering on Cronut territory. It’s run by chef-owners Akira Akuto and Nick Montgomery.

2. Khao Noodle Shop, Dallas

This place has 12 dishes on the menu, each only a few bites or spoonfuls in size. None of the dishes cost more than $8 either. Chef-owner Donny Sirisavath cooks food from Laos.

3. Longoven, Richmond

A fine dining restaurant run by chef-owners Andrew Manning and Megan Fitzroy. It’s housed in a nondescript building in a rapidly developing neighbourhood, according to Bon Appétit.

4. Ochre Bakery, Detroit

Apparently everything is good here, form the Danishes, to the coffee (the owners are behind the much-loved Astro Coffee), to the scrambled eggs, the bread and the cake. It’s owned by chefs Jessica Hicks and Daisuke Hughes.

5. The Elysian Bar, New Orleans

Hotel restaurant in Hotel Peter & Paul run by managing parter Joaquin Rodas, chef Alex Harrell and general manager Lisa Nguyen (the team behind Bacchanal). It apparently does an incredible duck egg omelette with caviar, and a mean spritz.

6. Kopitiam, New York

This place started out as a hole-in-the-wall Malaysian coffee shop on the border of Chinatown, and has since relocated and expanded down the block. It’s co-owned by Kyo Pang (also the chef), and Moonlynn Tsai. It serves broths, noodles and rice dishes.

7. Tailor, Nashville

This is the first proper restaurant from chef Vivek Surti’s Nashville pop-up. The food is a set menu of ‘Gujarat meets the American South’ flavours.

8. Le Comptoir du Vin, Baltimore

French classics in a cosy, bistro setting. It’s run by chef and co-owned Will Mester, and co-owner Rosemary Liss.

9. Matt’s BBQ Tacos, Portland, Oregon

An unassuming breakfast taco joint that’s also a barbecue joint, owned and run by Matt Vicedomini. It’s a trailer which serves Matt’s famous brisket alongside breakfast tacos, featuring brisket and pork belly burnt ends, smoked meats, piled with scrambled eggs, potatoes and salsa, and served on puffy flour tortillas.

10. Wolf’s Tailor, Denver

This place serves handmade pasta and robata (similar to barbecue), alongside chicken skewers, pork ribs and some interesting desserts. The team is chef-owner Kelly Whitaker, culinary director Sean Magallanes, chef de cuisine Kodi Simkins and Sean May.

Have you been to any of the restaurants on the Bon Appétit list?

What's the best new restaurant you've been to in the US recently? Let us know.

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  • Considering none of them are near me in the midwest 🤷🏻‍♀️ i wouldn’t know...

      1 year ago
  • I’m not in the US, but you should take a look at the restaurants in Quebec City Canada 🇨🇦, they are worth a look, especially at the Chateau Frontenac witch is rated n1 all categories combined.

      1 year ago
    • So much good food in that part of the country. Poutine, tourtiere, maple syrup, Montreal smoked meat, Montreal steak spice...

        1 year ago
  • This isn't exactly recent but when I visited New York last year I went to the M. Wells Steakhouse in Long Island City ( Quite expensive but definitely worth it! Located in an old car workshop, lots of amazing food ideas (steak tartare with shoestring potatoes anyone?), excellent steaks.

      1 year ago