Best tea and coffee advent calendars for 2020

...and a bonus hot chocolate one

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It's all about feeling cosy this Christmas. If we can't go out, let's all hunker down, wrap up with a comfy blanket, put on our best PJs and enjoy a hot, steaming cup of tea or coffee. Sounds perfect right? Well in that case, you need to get hold of one of these tea or coffee advent calendars for December this year. It's time to treat yoself.

And while you're at it, why not take a look at the best foodie and boozy advent calendars.


Whittard tea advent calendar

So you know how we all deserve an extra special treat this year? Well Whittard is here to deliver. This gorgeous tea advent calendar lets you countdown to Christmas a cuppa at a time, opulently dressed in art deco glamour. It’s filled with 94 compostable individually wrapped teabags (four a day, so you’ll be kept well-hydrated during December), spanning black, green and white teas and fruit and herbal infusions. And there's even a little extra gift (ok I won’t spoil the surprise) to start your festive journey. This calendar feels and looks expensive, and it’s definitely one you’ll want to keep for years to come and use again. You could always buy new Whittard teabags to fill it next year… it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

If tea isn’t your thing, there’s also a hot chocolate version, which features double choccy servings behind every drawer.

Both available from Whittard for £60.

Fortnum’s Christmas tea lovers advent calendar

Countdown to Christmas the fancy Fortnum’s way with a new silky tea bag each day. Filled with everything from classic flavours, to unique oddi-teas such as gin & tonic to lemon curd green tea, all served up in an Art Deco style box. It’s the acceptable way to start the day with a G+T over Christmas – in tea form.

Available from Fortnum & Mason for £25.

PG Tips advent calendar

Most people start the day with a brew, so why complicate things? Get your daily dose of PG Tips, but make it festive. Each window brings you two tea bags and a bit of Christmas trivia. However, this is no ordinary PG Tips calendar, as well as the usual builders’ brew, you also get new tea flavours not available in retail. Ooh.

Available from Amazon for £11.99.

T2 Tea World of Tea advent calendar

Each day, open a new bag of T2’s delicious tea, from herbal through to green, and everything in between, like the slightly odd sounding creme brûlée flavour. Each tea bag has been filled with T2’s signature loose leaf teas. Delicious.

Available from Amazon for £20.

Pukka herbal tea advent calendar

This calendar from Pukka has 24 tea bags in a variety of fun flavours: including wonderberry green, blackcurrant beauty and peppermint and liquorice. You can unfold this one and hang it on your wall, and all the teas are sustainably sourced and ethically farmed. Bonus.

Available from Amazon for £9.93.

Nespresso Original or Vertuo advent calendar

Pods pods pods, pods pods pods, coffee pods all the way. You get a pod behind every window from days 1-23, with a special gift on the 24th. Keep your Christmas caffeinated.

Available from Nespresso for £32 or £36.

Beanies flavoured advent calendar

Beanies have some fun flavoured instant coffees, and you can explore them all this Christmas. You get two stick sachets per day in a range of flavours (think mince pie, Irish cream and cookie dough for starters), plus one jar of Christmas flavour coffee, and a travel cup (useful if we’re ever allowed to leave the house again).

Available from Amazon for £20.

Pact Coffee advent calendar

Time to have yourself a caffeinated Christmas, this Pact advent calendar features 25 18g sachets of coffee, pre-ground to suit cafetieres, Aeropress or drip brewing methods. Each sachet also comes with a specially designed coffee card with detailed tasting notes and farm information. And not only that, you get a limited-edition festive tea towel. Woo.

Available from Pact for £39.95.

Yawn coffee advent calendar

The opposite of what you’re meant to do while drinking a cup of coffee, Yawn coffee also has a calendar out this year. Available as ground, espresso grind or filter/moka/Aeropress grind, this is the ultimate coffee experience for Christmas. You get a different speciality coffee from around the world each day, with loads of new blends for 2020, and each sachet and the box itself are biodegradable.

Available from Yawn for £32.

C&T coffee advent calendar

Filled with organic and Fair Trade coffees from around the world, and available as whole beans, freshly ground, Senseo-compatible coffee pads or as Nespresso-compatible capsules, this C&T coffee advent calendar is for all kinds of coffee lovers. You get 13 different coffees, including one extra fancy rare coffee and a bonus surprise gift.

Available from Amazon for £27.90 (plus £3.50 delivery).

Which calendar do you like the look of?

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  • Yum, i did get the aldi coffee one, and the english tea co one for my kid again 🥰

      2 days ago
    • Yaaay! Funnily enough I remember you saying that last year (HOW HAS IT BEEN A YEAR?!)

        2 days ago
    • Ahhh i know! Altho i missed out on the coffee one last year and got the truffle one! I will be posting about coffee, tea and wine this year!

        2 days ago
  • I could make one, with me on Cornish beaches, in inappropriate clothing.

      2 days ago
    • Steamy Tea surely needs ALL the tea ones (or are you a strictly builders' brew only kinda guy?)

        2 days ago
    • Highly sophisticated I am. I put the milk in last.

        2 days ago
  • Probably too gluttonous, but can I have all of them?

      2 days ago
  • I only wish all of the Advent calendars you've written about were able to be shipped to the US. I'd have the most epic holiday display of calendars anyone has ever seen. Hahahaha 😎

      3 days ago
    • Aww this is the problem with being a global site... we all get serious across the pond FOMO with stuff like this!

        2 days ago
    • Yes. There lots that I want and dream of that lives across the sea. But as the saying goes... "nothing worth having comes easy." 😊

        2 days ago
  • That Whittard tea calendar looks BEAUTIFUL!

      1 day ago