Biscoff lasagne recipe: Impressive, delicious, and super easy

Even if you can't get baking ingredients, you can make this. And you should make this

36w ago

It seems everyone is baking these days. I love it, but if I've seen one banana bread, I've seen a million. Time for something different.

I, along with everyone else, have fallen in love with Biscoff, particularly the spread. I will literally eat that whole jar from a spoon – judge me if you like. As such, I'm very much open to ways of incorporating it into other things, or jazzing it up a bit.

Food blogger, Walla Abu-Eid, seems to have the same delicious issue, only she has acted on it, and now we should too.

Lasagne is not something I normally think of as sweet, but look at it. All you need is Lotus Biscoff biscuits, Lotus Biscoff spread, and some cream, sugar and vanilla.

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