Bite before Christmas: a social media recap

Ideas and idiocies from across the web to impress even the busiest of elves.

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4w ago

As the legends of Band Aid persistently love to confirm, at Christmastime there is absolutely no need to be afraid – unless you are literally unable to sleep in the early hours of Christmas Day and find yourself alerted at 4am to the horrors of uncontrolled social media. A festive-friendly rundown is what you need to keep you sane and safe.

Cheesy rolls make cheesy smiles

As well as having a gorgeous recipe, adorable Weemalee has the most beautiful name.

Gravy pain

It’s a thrilling thought; although I’d love to know how to gift wrap gravy. I struggle enough with cardboard boxes.

Guaranteed gifts

If you leave him a whole bottle of whisky you’ll get the reindeers too. Just think how impressive that’ll look on the post-Christmas dinner walk.

Oreo oracle

There have been more Oreo limited edition flavours over the years than there are people living on Mars. A truly extraordinary feat. (Carrot cake Oreos – yes, please!)

Pork pies not mince pies

Let’s turn Xmas Day into one big pork pie. No meat, potatoes, crackers, games or presents – just pork pies. Even transform granny into one. 2020 is an unpredictable year.

Dunkin’ delights

Simply take a glance at this on Boxing Day and you won’t need to eat until April. The ultimate way to achieve ‘new year, new me’.

Towering in chocolate

I would die just seeing someone cut a slice.

Fabulous fast food

After days of eating quality, rich and nutrient-packed food (excessively and unstoppably) you’ll deserve a sneaky snack.

Colonel conundrum

First a saucy yuletide rom-com, now this. What a fall from grace the KFC king has had over recent weeks (probably because of his tiny legs).

Nigella’s crispy and juicy pork

Turkey is a thing of the past; no one wants to eat a meat that’s been hanging around since the Middle Ages. That’s where the arousal of brilliantly bronzed pork charges in to transform your Christmas delectations for ever.

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