- The meat-free Whopper was a big financial success for BK

    BK slapped with a lawsuit over the vegan Whopper

    A vegan man has claimed the Whopper is contaminated with meat by-products

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    Vegan Burger King fans rejoiced earlier this year when a meat-free burger finally hit their local BK stores. The Impossible Whopper promised that classic Burger King taste but without the animal.

    But it seems things have taken a turn as news emerged today that a man is suing the company over the new vegan menu item.

    The lawsuit alleges that the Impossible Whopper is cooked on the same grill as the meat products.

    It’s a class action suit that was filed on 18 November in the Southern District of Florida. The suit claims the chain advertises the Impossible as meat-free, but that it’s actually contaminated with meat by-products because it’s cooked in the same spot as meat.

    The man’s lawsuit accuses Burger King of false advertising and benefiting monetarily from offering a vegan option that’s not actually vegan.

    CNN reached out to the company, but Burger King has declined to comment.

    Phillips Williams is the man who brought the case. He’s a vegan who doesn’t eat or drink anything that uses animal by-products.

    He bought an Impossible Whopper at a BK joint in Atlanta, Georgia, back in the summer after spotting ads for the ‘premium price’ burger, according to the lawsuit.

    The suit reads that Williams wouldn’t have bought the meatless burger if he’d known it was cooked that way.

    The lawsuit also reveals that several other customers made similar complaints online, questioning how BK cooks their Impossible Whoppers.

    The meat-free version was actually a big success for Burger King, resulting in its best quarter in four years.

    According to Grub Street, BK execs have previously claimed that the Impossible burger has been most popular among ‘flexitarians’, or people who eat meat, but would also be keen to try a meatless option.

    Do you think he's got a case?

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    • Massively unsure why there is a lawsuit as They plainly state that the same great taste is achieved by cooking the vegan burger on the same griddle as the meat ones. If you ask for it vegan they will do it on a different griddle

      I think this is a BS loophole on their part and they should all be done separately from the meat really but they do freely state that it isn’t and there are some who are ok with that. They left themselves open to criticism about it but, yeah. Unlikely to win that claim

        1 year ago
    • On the other hand, how about settling the disagreement with some sort of sporting competition, like,

      The Olympic Games.....

      Here's Murray Rose, Vegan triple Olympic Gold Medalist

      ….He won the 400-metre and 1500-metre freestyle races, and was a member of the winning team in the 4×200-metre freestyle relay, at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.

      Rose was a vegan at a time when shunning meat and fish was decidedly an oddity. His diet included sunflower seeds, sesame, unpolished rice, dates, cashew nuts and carrot juice. His mother prepared his meals.

        1 year ago
      • wow hadn't heard of this guy, thanks for sharing John!

          1 year ago
      • Well, sunflower seeds are really high in magnesium, and seaweed is high in potassium, and trace elements, nuts also, rice is low GI, and a good carb for athletes.

        carrot juice does wonders to help recover after activity, and sesame seeds...

        Read more
          1 year ago
    • Does anyone remember back, when people used to be happy with living to a reasonable budget, and thrift and common sense was the order of the day ?

      Remember when you could get greasy fish n chips or a pie floater, a slice of buttered toast, or a hubcap for a '68 Morris ? ( sounds like a good deal to me ) .

      When lawyers get involved, things get expensive.

      And yet, there was a time, maybe back in the 20s and 30s, when lawyers mostly had small offices, that were sort of tacked on to large companies.

      The owner of the company, himself , or herself, competent enough in his or her field, to run the company, would if a legal document was required,

      "send it down to Legal"

      Lawyers weren't paid as much, proportionally speaking in those days.

      People were more concerned with scientific or engineering, medical, or geological competence.

      And then along came litigation...…

      And political correctness.

      P.J. O'Rourke says that " above a certain level, complexity is fraud.

      maybe keep it simple.

      Go eat some berries or turnips.

      Stig of the dump has some that he will offer to you.

        1 year ago
    • This is somewhat morally problematical.

      On the one hand, you've got, in Australia, this delightful phrase : " false or misleading statement under the trade practices act. "

      Was the customer mislead ?

      Was there malicious intent ?

      Can it be proven that harm has occurred by eating a bit of cow ?

      That's a tough one.

      Where does the family Labrador stand on the morality of eating the odd bit of cow ?

      On the other hand you've got the economics .

      One would think that making a vege burger ought to be cheap; no expensive meat handling and storage, and a reduced food poisoning risk.

      Realistically, though, how much does it cost a private business to operate two completely separate grills ( maybe that's why the impossible burger is 14 pounds or whatever )

      If a substantial shift to veganism or vegetablism occurs, who wears the financial cost ?

      If it temporarily or permanently makes dining out more expensive, that's more inflation, the inflation that Maggie Thatcher warned us about, that an already battered economy has to wear.

      All these layers of pseudo bureaucracy, legalities , require more lawyers, and scribes, and make everything more expensive.

      Something about the road to hell is paved with good intentions ?

      That's what happens when you ask multiple stratas of government to micromanage your meals.

      Inflation is dangerous, as it can, for example make it much harder for charities to function, which makes it extra harder to , for example, house homeless veterans.

      We have a saying in Australia, when asked how are things,

      we say " can't complain , who would listen "

      It concerns me somewhat when there are suddenly lots of people ready to handle your, in the grand scheme of things, low priority complaints.

      Western civilisation doesn't work without thrift and common sense.

      So here's a suggestion for the complaining customer;

      do as Jeremy does, go for a walk, and pick some blackberries.

      You're lucky enough to live in a country , where you are free to do so.

      And, as Dave Allen used to say : " May your God go with you "

        1 year ago