Blossom Hill release canned Gin Fizz this March

Blossom Hill has released a canned version of their relatively new Gin Fizz

1y ago

Blossom Hill, makers of bottom-shelf flavoured wine in an off-license near you, released a gin fizz last year. And now, owing to its popularity, they've already announced another addition to their gin line: they're releasing the drink in individual canned forms. Retailing at £2.50 for 200ml, the company is pitting itself against the likes of Gordons and Smirnoff in the individual can aisles. The canned drink is available in Lemon & Rosmary and Rhubarb Flavour, and the company hopes that it will “reach new consumers who don’t necessarily shop down in the wine aisle”.

The drink is a mix between their white wine with water and gin, and is part of a widening of offerings from the brand, owned by Treasury Wine Estates. In recent years, the company has been struggling; it was overtaken in value by more expensive brands McGuigan and Barefoot in 2018 and has been trying to make up the difference ever since.

The launch of gin fizz was part of a multi-million pound push to bring the company back into the spotlight, and the brand delved into the murky marketing world of influencers to rouse public support.

And this digital development seems to have worked; Treasury Wine Estates said the Gin Fizz brand achieved £2.5m in sales since its launch.

This isn't the first time the company has tried to 'get with the times'; In February 2019 it unveiled Embrazen, a new wine brand whose concept is centred around ‘female trailblazers’ of the 20th century. It's remarkable to think that anyone would think such blatant and patronising commodification of feminism would've caught on, and it is in some sense relieving to see TWE return to their stereotypical branding techniques here. The flowers and squiggly fonts are old fashioned, but at least its not feigning progression.

The new canned gin fizz will be on shelves in March, and is debuting in Tesco.

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