Celebrating women in whisky with Pour & Sip club

We don't need an excuse to celebrate the amazing women working in whisky, but it is International Women's Day and Mother's Day in March...!

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"Do you even actually like whisky?!" – yup. "You do realise that drink you've ordered is really strong and it's usually only men that drink it" – yup. *Bartender puts down pink, fruity drink in front of me, and *my* Old Fashioned in front of my male friend*. While these are all really annoying and frustrating things that happened to me, especially in this day and age, they're nothing compared to what other women working in the whisky industry have experienced. There isn't a single reason drinks should be gendered, but still, here we are in 2021, with people not accepting that women like, know about, make, sell, recommend, taste, market and drink whisky.

This piece in Forbes from last year speaks to a whole host of women working across the whisky industry, and details the ridiculous amount of sexism still faced.

Women In Whisky: This Is What We Experience, And It Needs To Change

9 professional whisky women highlight the sexism they face working in their industry.

And despite all that, women are still kicking butt in the whisky world, working as blenders, distillers, master tasters, writers, communicators, or across the business side of things.

It's International Women's Day on 8 March, and Mother's Day (in the UK) on 14 March. While we certainly don't need an excuse to celebrate women, and women in whisky, both of those are a rather nice hook!

Pour & Sip Club's International Women's Day themed box

Being in and around the booze industry, I know sometimes it can be pretty inaccessible unless you’re ‘in the know’. Pour & Sip launched in 2020 as a whisky subscription service focused on community, accessibility and inclusion.

Each month, customers get five different 30ml measures in the post, picked out by expert buyers and writers at Pour & Sip. If you’re a new customer, you also get two tasting glasses, a ‘how to taste whisky’ card and detailed tasting notes as well.

There are twice-monthly online tastings, and the next one on 4 March is all about women in whisky! A women from each of the five distillery's teams (from blenders to business leaders) will be joining the live tasting to answer questions and talk more about their (very exciting) jobs.

If you want to tune in and taste along, it'll be at 19:30 GMT on @PourandSipClub Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

The boxes are monthly, but you can pause and resume at any point. Each one costs £29.95.

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Pour & Sip delivers five whisky tasters straight to your door each month, hand-picked by experts. Join our fun-filled live tastings, discount on bottles, and an awesome whisky-loving community!

How are you celebrating International Women's Day?

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