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How to enjoy a breakfast fit for an Icelandic Viking

Why fuelling up on A​rla Skyr is the best way to start your day

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With light at the end of the lockdown tunnel in the UK and summer incoming, this is the perfect time for us to embrace new tastes and ways of living, starting with Arla Skyr yogurt and a breakfast overhaul fit for an Icelandic Viking (bear with us).

What is Arla Skyr yogurt? In a recent Food Tribe poll, 70% of you know it is a deliciously thick type of yogurt. You may also know it is made using four times the amount of milk compared to many standard yogurts, which is exactly what makes it so deliciously thick and smooth.

Arla Skyr (pronounced skeee-yur a bit like ‘skier’, with a trill on the ‘r’) is high in protein, is made from all natural ingredients, and is fat free. And if you don't know what the fuss is about, the need-to-know facts about this deliciously smooth treat are already on FoodDevour (see below).

A​rla Skyr

A​rla Skyr

Now back to that Icelandic Viking breakfast you will soon be adopting. It is tempting to assume that Viking meals were crude and carnivorous, but the truth is, Vikings in Iceland especially enjoyed their dairy, and often ate it in the form of skyr. Today it's known as a “superfood", for all those nutritious benefits we mentioned above.

Icelanders have been enjoying Skyr for more than a thousand years. Embracing the Nordic way of life starts with embracing the elements. Cold weather, bracing winds, and if you're a Viking, a lot of ransacking and seafaring as well – it’s all just part of a normal day. They needed a good sturdy breakfast to rely on, and so do you.

Another thing, Arla Skyr is carefully strained to give the yogurt a scrumptious silky texture – and did we mention it's made using all-natural ingredients? Eating this superb Icelandic style yogurt first thing will help you conquer the hardest of days, all the emails and Zoom meetings, and quash any unwanted cravings.

It's also brimming with taste potential. Whether you add a handful of granola or a scattering of raspberry, Arla Skyr gives you an extraordinarily versatile base to forge your perfect breakfast with, and suits all preferred tastes – sweet-toothed or savoury – with different flavour combinations.

If you like your eggs Turkish style with a garlic and herb yogurt dressing made with deliciously thick Arla Skyr for example, try this recipe for your next weekend brunch. With the eggs involved, this is a seriously protein-packing brunch that will keep you full while you go off on all your longest Sunday country walks.

A​rla Skyr

A​rla Skyr

In a traditional sense the Norse diet, the one that’s eaten by Vikings, made the most of the natural landscape, with a diverse range of food types sourced from the natural earth that included fruits like strawberries, blackberries and apples, grains such as oats and barley, and plenty of nuts that all go perfectly with Arla Skyr today.

This means Arla Skyr’s Sweet Strawberry Pancakes recipe is both authentic to Viking life and ideal for slow mornings when we need a delicious reason to get out of bed. The recipe is the perfect combination: fluffy and comforting scotch pancakes topped with Arla Skyr’s refreshing strawberry yogurt, for a little fruity zing.

A​rla Skyr

A​rla Skyr

W​e get it, Vikings probably didn't eat strawberry pancakes, fruit smoothies or overnight oats for breakfast as we do, but let's allow for some modern day interpretations (in the hope there's no angry Vikings reading this). And we're pretty sure Arla Skyr’s Peachy keen toast recipe would be welcomed by our ancient Icelandic pals.

Not only is the sweet brioche bread the perfect level of sweetness, but Arla Skyr’s deliciously smooth honey yogurt is a tasty edition to give this luxe and fruity breakfast. Use canned peaches if you like or swipe the fruit straight from the tree Viking-style to kick off your five a day (maybe ask first). It sure beats Marmite on toast.

D​on't worry about a high sugar content first thing. Deliciously smooth, every batch of Arla Skyr is packed full of protein and flavour – and remember, it's fat free and reduced in sugar. In fact, the flavoured variants have 30% less sugar than many flavoured yogurts on the market. Peachy!

A​rla Skyr

A​rla Skyr

There are so many options for adding a personal twist to breakfast time with Arla Skyr. Other suggested seasonal combinations include pistachio, raspberry and mint, or a handful of summer fruits with seeds. You can find more recipes to spruce up your mornings on the Arla Skyr official website.

Skyr had long been one of the food world’s best-kept secrets, but thanks to Arla the Icelandic-style yogurt is now huge in the UK, bringing a little taste of Arctic serenity to those who want to embrace Nordic living (that's you after reading this).

As nutritious as it is delicious, Arla Skyr natural yogurt is the base of any tasty healthy breakfast. It also works as a silky snack to enjoy after your afternoon yoga session or morning run, and can even be incorporated into dinner times. But more on that at a later date. And like any good Skyr (as in skier), by embracing this yogurt, you're already ahead of the curve.

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