Personality quiz: Which delicious breakfast best suits you?

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Breakfast really is down to personal preference. Eggs or fruit? Early bird, or late brunch? Luckily for you, Arla Skyr has loads of delicious breakfast recipes that are sure to tickle your fancy. Take this quiz and find out which breakfast best suits you – then make it and tell us your thoughts!

What's your dream house?

  • A beach house with huge glass windows all day errrrryday
  • A quaint little cottage in beautiful woodland... I am the real Snow White
  • A stylish town house in a modern city
  • A big old farmhouse in the rolling hills of the countryside where I can live my Sound of Music fantasy
  • A renovated van so I can take my home anywhere I please!

Your friend asks you to go for a pint. What are you getting?

  • I'm pretty laid back, any ice cold lager will do me nicely!
  • The quirkiest and most Instagram-able brew on offer please and thank you
  • A trusty pint of IPA
  • A lager shandy and don't you dare judge me!
  • A pint? No thanks! More like a glass of wine (ok, fine, I'll have a pint of wine please)

Who is your favourite Icelandic pop star/ musician?

  • I mean, who else but Bjork?!
  • Kaleo are pretty damn cool
  • Of Monsters and Men
  • Sigur Ros
  • Whatever this year's Icelandic Eurovision entry is, is my jam
  • Umm, I might need to swot up on my Icelandic music...

You have to give up either cheese or chocolate, forever. What do you pick?

  • Cheese. How would I survive without my daily dose of chocolate?
  • Absolutely chocolate. Cheese is my addiction, and I am at peace with that
  • I could go without either

Where is your ideal staycation?

  • The vastness and beauty of Snowdonia. I mean it has mountains, AND beaches?!
  • Cornwall – any excuse to get in the water and wander around quirky shops!
  • Edinburgh. It looks like a real life Harry Potter world!
  • The Lake District
  • A weekend exploring London. Gotta get my dose of shows and musicals!

What is your favourite Will Ferrell Movie?

  • Anchorman, OBVIOUSLY
  • Elf. It's the best Christmas film ever made, don't @ me
  • Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. Anything Eurovision has my vote
  • Step Brothers – I think half of my sayings and inside jokes come from this film
  • I'm not really a Will Ferrell fan

What is your favourite type of boxset to binge-watch?

  • A documentary. Learning, and being entertained?! Call me a nerd, I don't care
  • Reality TV – is there really anything better than Ru Paul's Drag Race? Shantay you stay.
  • A drama – anything with a bit of scandal and I'm all ears!
  • Horror/Science Fiction. I love the adrenaline rush!

You're out walking your dog and Ryan Gosling emerges from the heavens. What do you do?

  • Leave the dog, run to his feet and promise to never leave him.
  • Casually saunter over to him and say something generic like, "Hey, do you come here often?" You cry about this later
  • Whip out your phone, snap loads of pictures and send it to literally everyone in your contact list.
  • Ryan who?! Famous people don't phase me, I'm a cool calm and collected individual. I am also a liar.
  • He doesn't really do it for me, I'd probably walk on and get on with my day.

What are your go-to comfy clothes?

  • Baggy hoodie, joggers, fluffy socks. The perfect trio
  • T-shirt and sweat shorts
  • Classic shirt and trouser pyjama set
  • My unicorn onesie, obviously!
  • Some silk pyjamas/nightdress. I'm worth it

What is your ideal Saturday?

  • Brunch with friends, shopping, and then out for drinks in the evening!
  • Early morning run then a day on the beach, finished off with a BBQ
  • A day trip somewhere I've never been before!
  • A long lie-in, a walk somewhere pretty and a takeaway for dinner
  • A quiet morning, followed by lunch and a few tipples with friends!

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